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#VELO Velo All Purpose Polished Fabric

Velo polished fabric banners are very popular with retail and pop designs

The special fabric is SuperWhite and smooth and uses a proven sublimation paper transfer process giving the ulitmate contrast of color. It is the most vibrant color result of all printing display material.

Velo is the brightest fabric printing material available. Use for all purposes indoor.

Use Velo for:

  • Indoor fabric posters, hanging window displays, wall insets, interior cabinet covers and POP displays.
  • Small to medium light box covers (wedge edge available)
  • Hanging banners (pole pockets and fittings available)
  • Point of purchase, shelf fascia, branded theming and interior logo placement eg: Wall coverings, printed 'logo' paintings.
    Excellent graphics and color definition. Equally suited for No or Illuminated graphic media..

Using Dye Sublimation Transfer Printing (gaseous ink systems) for printing oninting the Velo polished fabric is ideal for clients who want brighter colors, deep ink setting and smooth vignette graphics on their media. Velo is superb for fashion photos and high resolution photo banners.

All purpose (small to medium sizes only) Velo has all options and fittings available for a user to order custom to suit the requirements of the order or customer campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

The six (6) most common questions are:
#1 All Purpose: INDOOR applications. All fittings and options are available.
#2 Cleaning: you can clean the surface with luke warm water, soap and cloth.
#3 Illumination: Yes. Velo is superb for illumination
#4 Sizes: Not suited to Maxi or large sizes.
#5 What is polished fabric. Velo passes a last stage of rolling polishing which settles the fibres into a grained direction giving the smoothest surface of all printing fabrics. This is not gloss or sheen. Polished means the fabric has the flattest print surface and this is why the colors are so bright.
#6 GSM = 360gsm NON TEAR DuraPolyFabric SuperWhite

Comparison Velo is strictly Dye Sublimation Transfer Printing. The creme influence makes colors appear brighter. Sizes are limited to 5' 1.5m high x medium length.
Larger sizes: Also see Display Chief

It is preferred by retailers because:

  1. Has all fitting and option choices.
  2. Can be used for multiple POP display purpose campaigns. eg: bard ends, illuminated, hanging, wall covers etc together.
  3. Cheap.
  4. No minimum size, No minimum quantity required.
  5. Washable for storage and re-use.

Actual Material (image dark for screen view only) of the surface/pattern. Color Whiteness = White 86% Creme 10% Black 4%

Actual Banner Material


Any Size Dimension, Any Design:

#1 Small to Medium sizes: Max no join height = 5' 1500mm.
#2 No mimimum dimensions, Medium roll length.

Note: Velo is small to medium size only using Sublimation Transfer Printing methods.
Order to suit your client and budget set.

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Velo is a polished fabric banner sign material ideally suited for printing sublimated

Ideas and Usage

Hanging banners and displays, point of purchase banners and posters, illuminated signs, backing displays, counter fronts, instore signage and more. Also popular for exhibition and expo, functions and corporate events, lecturn covers and more branding opportunities for marketing management.

Velo is available with all options.

All purpose indoor printed fabric banner signs.

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