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#DSDS Display Star Banners

Display Star Banners is popular for shop hanging window posters, indoor displays and exhibition fabric banners. Finished prints have a slight glossy sheen liked by visual merchandisers and fashion promoters.

Use Display Star Banners for:

  • Fabric Hanging Window Banners
  • Maxi Size Fabric Posters & Backdrops
  • POS Displays and Ceiling Banners
  • Indoor Displays and Hanging.

The dsds (Display Star Banner) material is a durable & lightweight fabric designed with hanging and presentation in mind. When printed, the material shows a 'sheen lustre' liked by fashion and retail which gives imagery such as 'photographic' the appearance of gloss, taste and class. dsds is well liked by retailers for both ease of use and the print beauty achieved. The DisplayStar can be made with a number of different finish & fixing options such as sleeves for hanging, eyelets or hook n loop (Velcro), as well as being suited for 'stretch' frames and pop up wall displays.

Comparison dsds is a lightweight material with 72% opacity vs displaychief 84% opacity.

It is preferred by retailers because:

  1. Beautiful printing colors and definition.
  2. At night window posters appear brighter because of store lights facing outward giving you 24/7 exposure. Daytime, incoming light give bright natural colors.
  3. Accepts any artwork design
  4. Custom made in large sizes up-to 16 metres (50 feet.) single piece for Maxi Displays and visual marketing backdrops.

The two (2) most common applications are:
#1 Sleeve
#2 Snap

Supplied with Printing
- Factory Direct
- Custom Size

Actual Material (image dark for screen view only) of the surface/pattern. Color Whiteness = White 95% Silver 5%

Actual Banner Material

Factory Photos > See More Here

Ideas and Usage

Display Star Banners material is used by many industries for hanging and also exhibition wall, pop up freestanding stretch frames and can be incorporated with a wedge edge or rubber edge for moulded shopfitting frames.

Display Star Banners can be manufactured with pole sleeves, hook n loop (velcro), eyelet grommets and specialized features custom to your needs.

Visual merchandising and window display

Popular amongst exhibition and display companies for semi stretch and sewing qualities it is purchased by Visual Merchandising Companies and Window Display Companies.

DSDS can be folded and ironed, stored away for seasonal reuse.

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