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#DBSM DuraSports Mesh Banner

DuraSports Mesh is popular for crowd barrier fencing, scaffolding towers, speaker surrounds and start finish line crowd management for sponsors. It is all weather-able and includes options such as triple edged reinforced hems for securing over the sporting carnival or one day festival events single edge only.

event signage

Use DuraSports Mesh for:

  • Public events on crowd control barriers
  • Festival surrounds, media & broadcast structures
  • Long run televised fencing and sponsor logos
  • Designed for public attendance.

The DBSM (DuraSports Mesh) aero material is a designed to offer event promoters the cheapest method of displaying their event sponsors to all viewing public and televised media. It is a non glare material, super strong and has budget options such as knife edge only for cost savings.

Alternatively, a client can choose triple reinforced edges and added grommets to suit their event signage requirements.

Available in any size, the event sign banner is very effective and is used by event management companies, attending trade show displays, corporate events such as golf, marquee, exhibition and more. Ideal for bleacher ends, wings, stadiums and indoor seating hanging or wall.

Frequently Asked Questions

The three (3) most common questions are:
#1 Fit to fences or barriers with ties or metal clips
#2 Minimum Order: No minimum order is required. All DuraSports Mesh is available in custom sizes to suit your rental bariers, scaffolding, gantries or site applications. Made to order printing in full color.
#3 GSM = 315gsm NON TEAR DuraPolyFabric

Comparison DBSM is a tensile Polyester material with 78% blockout vs vinyl.

Comparison: DBSM is 88% print brightness vs vinyl

It is preferred by retailers because:

  1. Tough air mesh with superb print capabilities for logos
  2. Low cost and controlled options to suit festival duration.
  3. Custom size to suit local barrier dimensions, transports easily and can be washed.
  4. No minimum size required.
  5. Easy to install with grommets and or reinforced edges for anti vandal applications.
  6. Specifications suited for crowd and event signage material MSDS

Actual Material (image dark for screen view only) of the surface/pattern. Color Whiteness = White 95% Silver 5%

Actual Event Signage Material


Any Size Dimension, Any Design: #1 Size is unlimited, large or small. Events may order one (1) piece or fifty (50) pieces all custom sized to suit their applications.
#2. No mimimum dimensions, No minimum roll length.

Note: Sports Mesh is commonly purchased to suit crowd container panel sizes through to full length site applications such as 2 feet, 3 feet, 8 feet, 250 yards or 3 miles etc. Order to suit your client and budget set.

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Ideas and Usage

Sports mesh is also used by surf carnival operaters because of its suitabilty for winds and can be tied to stakes and fence wraps. Long span runs and events where budget is required can also be hot knife trim only. Sports mesh is non fray and strong tensile weave. Printed sign designs and media graphics as the visual media look very impressive for sporting bleachers, carnival, festival and public awareness.

DuraSports Mesh banners can be manufactured with pole sleeves, hook n loop (velcro), eyelet grommets and specialized features custom to your needs.

Use for Event Signage - Bleacher Ends, Trackside Perimeter Fencing - Start Line - Public Spaces Stadium and Scaffolding, Media + Broadcasting towers and temporary structures such as gantries, speaker boxes, side wings and more opportunities that sponsors require their logo to be prominent.

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