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"I offer my clients the added value of being local whilst accessing the best equipment with zero overheads"

Cheaper than owning my own equipment!

With many local and national sign companies choosing flat bed digital printing machines to cover the majority of their work, it makes sense to outsource to a specialist banner sign wholesaler.

Advertising agencies rely upon 'communication' for their clients, this gives you a small to medium design firm or sign company the opportunities to manage more projects and orders under one umbrella. I recommend this approach for any entrepreneur seeking a system for business growth in the marketing and signage industries.

Discover how you can easily get started

With a range of online tools, factory support and a seamless door to door delivery it's easy to start offering custom printed banner signs, displays and fabric prints to the market.

Take the first step... learn how to set up artwork

Step by Step Artwork

Start with a small order

"Freelancers with a product behind them always make more money!"

Also see... Request a sample book

Order one or two banner signs with your logo on it

Start a few small orders with your presentation design on them, add your website, your details etc and choose a material that suits you.

Creating presentation material will guide you through the system and show you first hand the opportunities a smooth supply line offers you like this.

That small cost will give you invaluable information and choice.

Promote and make it your brand

Compete and win

Now you can offer custom made, custom sized banners you can 'bundle' your print design - freelance - onsell services and win more jobs.

Add your new product line to popular pages on your site, create articles on social networks and let people see you have access to larger, custom orders.

A business plan that makes sense

Getting started in banners - For Freelance's, Designer's and Customer's it makes perfect qualification that zero overhead with margin resell introduces a product line (business plan) that is equally rewarding and simple. With many tools available to create the order, a freelance design team or reseller customer can quickly access the largest equipment, banner making resources and factory manufacturing from the comfort of their desk with no overhead or ongoing costs.

A plan that is win/win

For you as the customer, it is a win for competitive purchase that gives you excellent local resell margins. For the factory, it strengthens the volume purchasing gains that help build lower second tier prices for you again.

Eliminate high outlays and poor returns. Many small to medium sign companies, offset printing businesses, fast copy centres etc lose returns from the high cost of purchasing/leasing equipment that requires maintenance and volume. Using this signage printing business model offers the business owner a cheaper, reliable format.

Artwork tools that make design easy

As a freelancer, I always found myself working too cheaply.. now I have a product to list, my revenue is higher. I recommend to any freelancer out there to take on this service as a supplier too.

Enter markets in 2022 that add to your current services

Enter display markets and win them

Add displays, expos and events to your markets

Are you busy printing catalogs and brochures for you clients, designing the 'expo' brochure, but never supplying the fabric walls?

"This is a great opportunity".... add large format banners and fabrics to your range


Build confidence by looking around all the images and projects completed so far.

Discounts that keep you competitive

offers many discounts
Post it note comment regarding giving the customer excellent service and business

Quantity, size, store-wide and material discounts

Take advantage of quantity discounts that instantly lower the price of multiple units of the same line item. Choose materials and applied discounts suited to your customer requirements.

See how discounts are automatically applied giving you the lowest price every-time.

Designers and managers... Buy direct from the factory.

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Learn how our factory works, why we don't advertise and how to access the thousands of sign making banner signage and display opportunities available to you worldwide.

"I started with a few small orders, now I order everyday I recommend this service to any company that wants a supplier that exceeds every standard."

If you are a sign company or graphic designer, manager of a multi store national advertising account or a local representative of your branch, it saves. Buy direct from this factory.

Need help with creating an order... We do it all for you here.

Quote, Order & Upload

Choose materials, sizes, fittings and options, then, add each line item to your quote. Press Start Order to begin the upload checks.

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Easy Template Maker

DIY Design
Make any size template, give it to your designer, add graphics, flatten and upload for immediate printing. Try it now!

How to Create Artwork

Learn how to make artwork that you can upload to print for material oversize specifications.


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