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How to create artwork step by step

Watch this Easy Template Maker video... Then use... The Easy Template Maker

All orders have a hem:

  • The hem is folded over and sewn.
  • This is called Material Over Size (MOS).
  • When you use our Calculator or The Easy Template Maker, 'Material' will be automatically added to your finished order size. You must incoporate this new size in your design
  • Include the MOS around your design.

Material Over Size

The Red Line is your MOS, the Blue Line is your finished order size

  • Keep all important elements inside the Blue Line
  • Material Over Size will be cut with scissors and folded over

PS screenshot showing Material Over Size colors by the Easy Template Maker

Hems, Pole Pockets - Sleeves

Hems, Pole Pockets and Sleeves can all have graphic printing, but these will be folded over. The distance between the Red Line and Blue Line is your hem. Hems may vary in size if a: Pole Pocket size, b: Fitting size or other. Keep in mind that hems can be graphic printing, but they will be folded over.

Illustration of hem being folded over

Keep all important elements inside a safe area to allow for sewing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Material Over Size questions are:

Q. Do you use Bleed? No, Bleed is a paper term that is trimmed away. We use Material Over Size. It is not removed and is folded to create a hem.
Q. Is Material Over Size the same as 'bleed'? NO, bleed is trimmed away. Material Over Size is folded. You must provide a file that can be folded over the edges.
Q. Can I have graphic printing on the fold? Yes. Keep in mind that hems and pole pockets can all have graphic printing but they will be folded over.
Q. If my banner is 3' high, do I provide a file that is 3' high or 3'2"? UPLOAD 3'2"

Arranging Your File

Do not put Crop Marks, Trim Lines, Color Bars or any other information around you MOS

We do not use bleed or trim like traditional paper products

We do not use bleed, trim or any marks.

Do not add any Cutting Marks, Further Instructions, Color Bars or any other information outside the Red Line

Do not add any Cutting Marks, Further Instructions, Color Bars or any other information inside the Red Line

Shows incorrect set up

Do not extend the canvas size in any way. Extending the canvas size will alter your order, not match the order size and may print/cut disproportionally.

Do not extend the canvas size of your file

Crop your canvas size to the correct MOS size as recommended. Turn off your Easy Template Layer so that you only see your design.

Turn off the template layer so that you only see your design

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Arranging Your File questions are:

Why dont you use trims and rego's These are superseded and irrelevant with digital printing banner signs. All orders are automatically placed and cut to MOS size. Digital printing does not require bleed. All hems are folded.
Do I put cutting marks on the corners? NO. All our cutting is automatic. Any marks are disregarded and may adversely affect your design.
Can I give you my 'litho, offset or flexo' files? No. We do not use film, separations or other. Digital sign printing is direct to substrate micro dot.
My other printer wants me to add cutting marks"? We do not. We cut 1mm inside the MOS Red Line. This is our boundary. Any marks you put inside or outside the file will be incorrect and may affect the proportion of your finished order, the look of your print or be disregarded.


Rasterize fonts and curves and flatten your design layers to resolve any vector information

Flatten our file to remove fonts, vectors or smart layers

Remember, if you supply outlines, fonts or smart layers, they may print outside your design. To ensure your design integrity remains absolute. Flatten and Save As a CMYK pdf.

Designers NOTE If you are unsure how to proceed with this last step, please contact Let Us Design Department

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Flattening Your File questions are:

Q. How Do I Flatten? Using your favorite graphics programs such as Photoshop > Choose Layer > Flatten Image. Alternatively Working in layer view, you can also select a layer and 'Merge All or Flatten Image'
Q. What does Flattening do?This makes everything a pixel. Pixels are not strokes, outlines or fonts. Once you flatten your file each little color dot is apparent.
Q. I don't have Photoshop or a designer program that can flatten or rasterize. Please use the Let Us Design Department form and we will do it for you.

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Easy Template Maker

DIY Design
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How to Create Artwork

Learn how to make artwork that you can upload to print for material oversize specifications.


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