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NO Login Required & How to Order

The Order & Upload Calculator DOES NOT need you to create an account.

Our very special system avoids the clutter of holding an account with you, lost passwords or your staff accessing details that may not be applicable, so we have removed the requirement to login or manage an account.

When you order... a UNIQUE IDENTIFIER is allocated to your order from start to finish.

This means that you can rapidly order 'wholesale' recognizing that your order details are not stored (past 30 days) and that we remain a total silent service. All orders are Wholesale and DATA is not stored. When you order it is a case by case wholesale order.

You continue to have full management access of your orders.

Retrieval of Job Tickets = YES If required by you, you can retrieve a job receipt, however for your security, some information is removed as re-order is not possible.

Retrieval of Artwork = NO Our systems delete art files 21 days post order. Should you wish to 're-order, re-print, retreive etc it is not available. Any repeat, re-order etc is required to be a new order. IMPORTANT NOTE: As we consider you are the originator of the artwork and it is on your system, we do not store it post order.

Unique Identifiers Each order is given a unique identifier that you can access anytime. Accessing this unique id gives you information related to shipping, invoice receipt etc. It DOES NOT allow repeat ordering. For repeat ordering you will need to create a new order using the Order & Upload Calculator stages.


RESTART Calculator Each Order... you will need to restart the calculator so that a new IDENTIFIER is associated with your new order.

How to order

Order & Upload Calculator > Details > Pre-Flight & Upload > Approve-Pay

The Calculator shows you all discounts and prices, then add your delivery and name details, then locate your design files and upload, then preview your files on-line then approve and pay. Your order is instantly placed into the printing queue and manufacturing begins. When manufacturing is complete you also receive an email notifying you of the shipping/courier tracking details.

Note: Also, After payment step is completed you are given a unique page that you can continue to track various stages of your order.

Quantity Discounts

Type in 2 or more inside the QUANTITY field and the calculator immediately shows you a quantity discount.

Storewide Discounts

Occasionaly, a Storewide Discount or monthly sales discount may be applied.

Bonus Discounts

Occasionaly, a featured product may also be eligible for a bonus discount. This is shown on the subtotal region.

The calculator shows you the lowest price available for the date printed. Prices may vary and are applicable at time of order.

Wholesale Ordering of Signs Banners Flags Displays just became easier

Order anywhere... any time

Use any file storing device or internet connected device to quote, design, upload and manage all your orders.

Shows the banner sign company home screen to access your banner sign ordering systems from all popular devices any time anywhere

Do you need help with designing for large size banners?

We recommend you use the 'Let Us Design' service offered. A professional graphic designer will compose all the elements for you to make a large banner sign or step n repeat wall, outdoor sign or exhibition expo hanging banner etc.

Need help with creating an order... We do it all for you here.

Quote, Order & Upload

Choose materials, sizes, fittings and options, then, add each line item to your quote. Press Start Order to begin the upload checks.

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Easy Template Maker

DIY Design
Make any size template, give it to your designer, add graphics, flatten and upload for immediate printing. Try it now!

How to Create Artwork

Learn how to make artwork that you can upload to print for material oversize specifications.


We connect with clients in many ways from our Toll Free phones to our special Let Us Design Department and Contact Us page

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