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How to order step by step

You do not need a login to order:

On the website, you can use the Quote & Upload Calculator.

  • Your session tracks all features and allows you to order 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • The calculator gives you choices and options by choosing the drop down fields.

You do not need a login to order

As you modify the options, Quantity discounts, Bonus discounts and any Storewide discounts are applied.

  • The price changes always showing you the lowest discount price.

As you modify the options the calculator updates

Fill out your quantity, width and height... then move through the fields and choose the details of your order.

You can choose materials, inches or millimetres, fitting options and more to customize each item.

Add Item to quote

The calculator works by adding a LINE ITEM suited for each artwork design. (in the same manner as a shopping cart would do so).

  • Click the "Add Item to Quote" button.
  • A line item will be added to your calculator and your total will appear below.

Add Item to Quote button

A line item is stored. You can click Start Order... OR.... add more line items to the same quote.

Line Item A

Adding More Line Items

Same size banner two designs

You can add many line items suited to EACH artwork design:

Remember, if you have the same size banner, BUT a different design... you will need to add another LINE ITEM by clicking "Add Item to Quote" so that when it's time to upload, we know you have two items of the same size, but different artwork designs that you can upload for each line item.

Click Add Item to Quote again

Handy Features

As you add more items, the calculator will also tell you the Estimated Time to Dispatch as a production guide so that you can plan your projects...

Estimated Time to Dispatch

Print Estimate, Weights, Info Sheets, Easy Templates and more.

Handy features of the banner sign calculator.

Handy features of the Calculator are that you can also...

  • Print your estimate.
  • See the weight of your items.
  • Generate an Info Sheet or Easy Template for you or another designer.
  • View if FREE SHIPPING or if 'Some Shipping Applies'.

To Order and Pay...

1. Click "Start Order".

Click Start Order

2. Fill in your Shipping Label details.

3. The Upload Summary appears allowing you match your artwork designs with your order.

Upload Summary screen allows you to match your artwork design with your line item

Locate your correct file and begin uploading...

4. Upload your files, approve and pay. Your order will begin.

Need help with creating an order... We do it all for you here.

DIY Order & Upload

Choose materials, sizes, fittings and options, then, add each line item to your quote. Press Start Order to begin the upload checks.

Get a quote

Easy Template Maker

DIY Design
Make any size template, give it to your designer, add graphics, flatten and upload for immediate printing. Try it now!

How to Create Artwork

Learn how to make artwork that you can upload to print for material oversize specifications.


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